Administration, Research & Development

Purpose built high quality space

Within our portfolio are buildings that have been designed and purposed for specifically for white-collar or white-coat use. These are generally clean, quiet and professional environments used as general offices, administration centres, design studios or R&D laboratories. Within the buildings, the various zones are usually fitted out in such a way so as to allow low-impact re-purposing as the occupier’s needs progress during the term of their Lease.


Off-Plan Office Schemes

Ready for fit-out

From time to time fully stripped suites become available, which can be fitted out for your bespoke internal layouts. This can be done by us to your requirements, or as a Tenant’s Works package. Please contact us to find out what we have coming up.

Future Office Schemes

Ready to build

We have a small number of oven-ready office schemes ready to progress to construction; see our current availabilities for more details.

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General Business Space

The majority of our portfolio is made up of Industrial Units which are occupied by a wide variety of businesses. Our properties can be taken as industrial shells, or fully fitted out to support a wide variety of Fabrication, storage, or distribution activities. They vary in size from about 1,000 square feet to over 30,000. Typically these contain ‘clean areas’ to be used as a reception, office, administration, and welfare, as well as a flexible industrial zone for storage, distribution, assembly or any number of light industrial purposes. Located around the popular south west industrial estates, they suit mostly the cleaner businesses rather than those involved in heavy fabrication.


Off-Plan Industrial Schemes

Ready to build

Within our land bank are several acres which would suit light industrial buildings, and having developed almost our entire existing stock ourselves, we have a great deal of experience at producing new units. We are accomplished at creating schemes which suit individual occupiers and their specific requirements, so do get in touch if you are looking for new space.

You might also like to see our availabilities section to see what's on the drawing board at present.