What we do

Local Real Estate

Our primary objective is the sustainable management of our existing investment portfolio of commercial property. We enjoy good relationships with our Tenants, and are aligned in our belief that well-maintained buildings and well-kept estates are to our mutual benefit. We manage the vast majority of our property ourselves, with our own landscaping & maintenance workforce being supplemented by reliable, trustworthy contractors where necessary. Consequently, we are focussed on real estate that is a manageable distance from our offices in Clyst St. Mary.


Discrete Development

We have developed almost all of our current holdings ourselves; this is so that we can ensure the building’s specification is suitable for us to hold for the long term, as well as incorporating design features we have found useful in our many decades of experience.

We are experienced at delivering new, low-impact schemes in sustainable locations, on green or brownfield sites. We look to add to and supplement established industrial estates and business parks, and to develop areas allocated for the provision of employment space.

Some of our future schemes are shown here.



Within our portfolio are several buildings that we have developed, sold, and several years later, purchased back! We also have a number of properties that we have bought that are completely new to us, and we welcome enquiries from potential sellers for most types of commercial real estate. The property need not be vacant - we are experienced with leaseback arrangements. We use our own funds and can therefore complete very quickly for the right opportunity.

We are equally interested in adding to our land bank. We acquire developable land with a long term view and need not have a potential occupier in mind before we purchase. We look for land within or adjacent to existing employment land uses, such as established business parks or industrial estates, anywhere that’s within a ninety-minute drive from Exeter. Do get in touch if you know of something that might be of interest.